Carolina Title Loans by Borinquen: Your Financial Solution   

Title loans are that type of Short term loans usually ranging from 30 to 180 days. The amount that you can borrow from the short-term loan usually depends on the value of the vehicles such as Car, Truck, and Motorcycle as collateral.

Carolina Title Loans by Borinquen
Carolina Title Loans by Borinquen

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Carolina Title Loans by Borinquen

Carolina Title Loans by Borinquen is a company which was located in Carolina, Puerto Rico. To qualify for the Title loans by Borinquen one must own a vehicle and have a clear tile.

Borinquen Title Loans makes instant fast approval for car cash in 20 minutes or less. The best part is that it has no lengthy paper or application process. It is also useful for people who have bad or Zero Credit.

Understanding Title Loans

Title loans are the type of loans that help those who want quick cash with having a bad credit score or Zero credit. These are short-term loan that usually ranges from 30 days to 180 days.  These types of loans have high-interest rates because of the high risk of default.

People who want fast cash or having financial difficulty opt for title loans. People having zero credit or bad credit use title loans. Title loans are used for :

  • Home Repairs
  • Repairing of Cars, Motorcycles
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Other emergency situations

The Benefits and Risks Associated with Title Loans – in table format in live techy blog draft These types of loans usually have lax eligibility requirements. Title loans have short repayment terms and high annual percentage rates (APRs).

Borinquen Title Loans in Carolina

Borinquen Title Loans in Carolina is a nationwide company in the USA that provides car title loans for people having bad credit and zero credit. Borinquen Title Loans in Carolina company was established in 1990 and from that time it was established over more than 100 centers all over the United States.

Here below is a short summary of Borinquen Title Loans in Carolina:

Company NameBorinquen Title Loans
LocationCarolina, Puerto Rico
Type of BusinessCar Title Loans
Requirements– Own the vehicle outright – Have a clear title – Proof of income – Insurance
Loan Terms30 to 180 days
Repayment Options– Installments – Full payment at the end of the term
Interest RatesHigh

Services Offered by the company were to give car title loans within a short period of time. It offers flexible payment plans which helps in the repayement for the borrowers. It also arranges credit counseling for the borrowers which helps them to improve their financial conditions.

The Application Process

If you are applying online for the process, you have to give the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Email ID
  • Make, Model and date of your Vehicle
  • VIN Number

 Required Documentation: The following is needed:

  • Vehicle Title
  • Income proof
  • Insurance proof

Benefits of Borinquen Title Loans Carolina

Following are the points that explain Borinquen Title Loans Carolina:

  • Borinquen Title Loans approves loans within the minutes of registration and within 24 hours funding will be done.
  • Borrowers with bad or zero credit can still qualify for the loan program as it does not check the credit scores.
  • While repaying the loans the borrowers can still drive their cars.
  • They also offer credit counseling for borrowers who have zero or bad credit scores.

Title Loan Tips and Considerations

Here are some Tips and Considerations for the Title Loans:

Before Getting the Title Loan

  • Must compare offers, terms, and interest rates of various loan lenders.
  • Must learn Terms and conditions, interest rates, repayment methods, etc. before you sign the loan agreement.
  • Only borrow that loan loan amount which was essential do not exceed.
  • Before taking the loan make sure you can afford to pay the monthly repayments.

While repaying Your Title Loan

  • Avoid late repayments which may cause damage to your credit score.
  • Making extra payments helps you to control the interest and will help you to repay the loans faster.
  • Must contact your lender if you are struggling with the repayment. They will help you to take the affordable repayment plans.

Carolina Title Loan Regulations

Carolina Title loans were regulated by the SCDCA (South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs). According to these regulations, lenders must set a minimum of 30 days to repay their loans. The interest rate should not be more than 36% and cannot charge more than 25$ in fees for the title loans.

According to the Title Loans laws in South Carolina Section 37-3-413, the lender must give a minimum of one month for the repayment of the car title loan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common type of title loan?

Car Title is the common type as you can put the whole car as collateral.

What is the highest title loan you can get?

The Title loans usually range from 100$ to 1000$ depending on loan type.

How do I get a title loan?

To get a title loan you should provide proof of income and vehicle title to the lender.

What should I do if I am struggling to repay my title loan?

One should contact their respective lender if they are struggling with the repayment. They may be able to create an affordable payment plan.

Where can I learn more about title loans?

You will get an ample amount of information from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).


For the people in Carolina who have zero or bad credit, Title loans can be helpful for quick emergency money. However, it is important to choose a reputable lender for taking any type of loan.

It is important to take note that Title loans have interest rates so it should be recommended to take only that amount of loan that was necessary and have a plan for repayment at the right time. The vehicle could be repossessed if the repayment is not done at the right time.

Additional Resources

Title Loans and Installment Loans Can Get You Fast Cash Today! – Carolina Title Loans, Inc.,  Title Loan Regulations – South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs

If you have any questions or concerns about title loans in Carolina, you can contact the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs at 1-800-922-1501.

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