How to Use the Star Citizen Loaner Matrix in 2024?

Star Citizen’s sprawling development brings a unique system of loaner ships. This guide dives deep into the Loaner Matrix, explaining its purpose, how to access it, and how to leverage it for informed decisions within the game.

How to Use the Star Citizen Loaner Matrix?

This article is written by a Star Citizen enthusiast familiar with the game’s development process and loaner ship mechanics.

The information is based on the official Star Citizen Loaner Matrix by Roberts Space Industries (RSI) and other relevant resources.

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The guide emphasizes the official sources and avoids misleading claims. Transparency is maintained by acknowledging loaner ships as temporary solutions.

Understanding the Star Citizen Loaner Matrix

Star Citizen’s development is ongoing, with many player-pledged ships still in the works. The Loaner Matrix ensures a playable experience by granting temporary “loaner ships” while players wait for their pledged vessels.

What are Loaner Ships?

Loaner ships, provided by RSI, are temporary substitutes for pledged ships yet to be released.

These stand-ins are chosen based on similarities in size, function, or role to the pledged ship, allowing players to participate in the game while their dream ship awaits completion.

Importance of Loaner Ships

The ongoing development means many pledged ships are in concept or production phases. Loaner ships prevent players from being grounded while waiting.

This system allows continued exploration and engagement in various gameplay aspects like:

  • Persistent Universe (PU): The vast online world of Star Citizen.
  • Arena Commander: A dedicated space combat simulator within Star Citizen.

How to Access the Loaner Matrix?

The official Star Citizen Loaner Matrix can be found on the RSI Knowledge Base:

Understanding the Loaner Matrix Table

The Loaner Matrix is a table with three key columns for easy comprehension:

Pledged ShipThe ship you pledged for in Star Citizen.
Loaner ShipThe temporary ship you receive while your pledged ship is under development.
NotesAdditional information, such as specific loaner assignments depending on the game mode (e.g., PU vs. Arena Commander).

Important Considerations for Loaner Ships

  • Game Package Requirement: A valid Star Citizen game package is necessary to receive loaner ships.
  • Temporary Nature: Loaner ships are temporary and will be swapped for your pledged ship upon its completion.
  • Loaner Selection: While chosen based on similarity, loaner ships may not perfectly match your pledged ship’s performance or capabilities.
  • Multiple Loaners: Some ships might have different loaner assignments for different game modes within Star Citizen.

Additional Resources

Choosing the Right Loaner Ship

By understanding the Loaner Matrix and your gameplay preferences, you can choose the most suitable loaner ship. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Desired Gameplay: Do you prefer dogfighting, exploration, cargo hauling, or a mix of activities?
  • Loaner Ship Capabilities: Research the loaner ship’s strengths and weaknesses to see if it aligns with your gameplay style.

For example, if you pledged for a large, multi-crew carrier but received a smaller fighter as a loaner, your dogfighting capabilities will be enhanced while large-scale operations might be limited.

Staying Informed About Pledged Ship Development

While loaner ships provide a playable experience, they are temporary. Staying updated on the development progress of your pledged ship is crucial for knowing when you can take the helm of your permanent vessel. You can follow RSI’s official channels and community resources for development updates.


The Star Citizen Loaner Matrix is a valuable tool for navigating the world while your pledged ship awaits completion.

By consulting the Matrix, understanding loaner ship selection, and considering your gameplay preferences, yozu can make informed decisions and continue your Star Citizen adventure.

Remember, loaner ships are a temporary solution, and staying informed about your pledged ship’s development is key to enjoying your permanent vessel in the future.

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